ODF Spreadsheet Validator

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File format support

The validator currently supports validation of spreadsheets with extensions .fods, .ods and .ots.

Validation regulations references

You may read more about the technical details of the validation checks here.

Quick Start

For developer instructions with Maven locations and examples please see DEVELOPER.md.


To run the software you’ll need a Java 8 JRE or newer. To build the software you’ll need a Java 8 JDK or newer Maven 3.4 or higher.

Getting the software

Clone this GitHub repository and move into the directory:

git clone https://github.com/opf-labs/odf-validator.git
cd odf-validator

Building the software

Now use Maven to build, test and package the software:

mvn clean package

Running the software

You can now use the accompanying shell script to run the software, for Windows user there is a batch file:

./odf-validator.bat --help

For Linux and MacOS users use the shell file:

./odf-validator --help